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Money transfer system "Getmoney to Family"

JSCB “EXIMBANK” with INTESA SANPAOLO spa (Italia) 1 offer a type of money transfer
for individuals from Italy to Moldova
under the service “Getmoney to Family”.

Conditions of money transfer:

- Currency of transfer - EURO
- Maximum transfer amount – 5 000 EURO
- The transfer time is within 2-3 banking days
- GMTF transfers can be performed from Italy to Moldova only
- The sender is required to use the following bank information

In case of paying/cashing in the equivalent of money transfer in MDL, it will be applied the exchange rate posted in branches.

Advantages of "Getmoney to Family" transfer:

1. Low commission: from €9,6 to €16

Amount of transfer, EUR 0 -3.098,00 0 - 3.098,00 3.098,01-5.000,00 3.098,01-5.000,00
With/without opening account debited on the account paid by cash debited on the account paid by cash
COMMISSION €9,6 €11,1 €14,5 €16

2. Commission paid by beneficiary:

Amount of transfer, EUR 0-3.098,00 3.098,01-5.000,00
Comission, EUR €4 €6

3. Simplicity of money transfer
It is not necessary to open any accounts by the sender or by beneficiary. Sender indicates the name, address and Beneficiary’s ID (passport) number only

4. Convenience of money transferlarge network of Sanpaolo IMI Group (more than 3 200 branches) and EXIMBANK offer a possibility to transfer money from any place of Italy and receive money in any branch of Eximbank

Validity term and transfer return conditions:


- at the sender’s order. The sender receives only the transfer amount. The return commission is 20 Euro.

Validity term:

- unlimited.

Reguli de prestare a serviciilor de remitere de bani.

Transfers are guaranteed in conformity with the Law № 575-XV of 26.12.2003 2003 “On guaranteeing deposits of private persons in the banking system”.

More detailed information

Please address all additional inquires to the International Payment Department at /+373 22/ 301 224, 549 829, 277 180.

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