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Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of EXIMBANK - Gruppo Veneto Banca
The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of “EXIMBANK– Gruppo Veneto Banca” was held today, March 20, 2011, in the city of Montebelluna (province of Treviso, Italy), which examined the financial results of the bank’s activity in 2010.

It was pointed out at the meeting that during the year 2010 total assets of the EXIMBANK - Gruppo Veneto Banca decreased by 6,1% (222,2 million lei) and reached 3 425,4 million lei, the loan portfolio grew by 61,6 million lei (+2,5%) up to 2 553,7 million lei, the attracted deposits from clients grew by 320,3 million lei (+22,0%) to 1 777,6 million lei.

At the end of the reporting year, the Bank held 8,1% of total assets, 9,3% of tier-up capital, 10,0% of granted loans and 6,5% of attracted deposits in terms of the market share of the local banking system.

It was mentioned at the meeting that the bank has undertaken the following steps during 2010 to ensure sustainable growth for the future:
- In April a new Branch in the South of the country, in Taraclia city, was inaugurated thus bringing the bank's network to 20 branches;
- In July , the Bank was granted VISA Merchant Acquirer License;
- The acquiring network was extended to 72 ATM’s and 547 POS, due to this fact the bank has increased the volume of issued bank card by 19,2%;
- In November, the implementation of the new core banking, based on the up-to-date technologies and developed by an international specialized company was finalised.

At the same time, despite applied efforts, the Bank has closed the reported year with a loss of 145,9 million lei , the negative profit is a consequence of exclusively credit risk reserves. The creation of sufficient reserves allows compensating possible future losses without a negative influence on the financial condition of the Bank.

The General Meeting of Shareholders has approved the norms of allocation the profit for year 2011, reports of the Board of Directors and the Censors’ Committee, the Executive Board Report for 2010, the working plan of the Censors Committee for 2011, rate of compensation to the members of the Board of Directors and the Censors’ Committee, modifications to the structure and to the Articles of Association, as well as the Rules of the Board of Directors and of the Censors Committee.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit (Moldova) has been approved as the auditing company of the bank for 2011

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