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Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Eximbank Gruppo Veneto Banca
Today, April 14, 2008, in the city of Montebelluna (province of Treviso, Italy) the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of EXIMBANK was held, which examined the financial results of the bank’s activity in 2007. During the meeting it was mentioned that the year 2007 constituted a successful year for the JSCB "EXIMBANK" Gruppo Veneto Banca, being the first complete year of activity in the Italian banking group Veneto Banca. It was pointed as well, that in the reporting year the bank utilized at the maximum level the opportunities offered by the statute of the member of an international banking group oriented to the success and the consolidation of its positions on the markets it activates.

As a result of an additional increase of the bank share capital by the amount of 250.0 million lei, Eximbank maintained its position of leader in the local banking system by the paid-up capital and the second place by the Tier-one capital. As a result, the paid-up capital of the bank at the end of 2007 is 10 times higher than the amount of the capital at the moment of the acquisition of the bank by the banking group Veneto Banca and 5.2 times than the medium level of the paid-up capital of the local commercial banks.

In the conditions of a lack of long-term financial resources on the local financial market, in 2007 Eximbank has been granted by the mother company medium and long-term credit lines in the amount of 39.2 million Euro, thus being able to promptly satisfy all the requirements of the successful companies from all the sectors of the national economy.

Total assets of the bank increased during the reporting year by 1 345.9 million lei (97.8%) and reached 2 722.1 million lei, the loan portfolio grew by 874.6 million lei (92.7%), and reached 1 817.7 million lei, the attracted deposits increased by 397.5 million lei (44.2%) up to 1 296.1 million lei, the shareholder’s capital increased by 313.4 million lei (71.4%) up to 752.1 million lei and the net profit increased by 40.7 million lei (243.7%) and constituted 57.4 million lei.

In accordance with the decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders the net profit of the bank, generated in 2007, was distributed in proportion of 5 percent or 2.87 million lei for increase of the Reserve Fund and 95 percent or 54.56 million lei as retained profits.

The Meeting has examined and approved the Annual Reports of the Board of Directors and the Censors’ Committee, the Report of the Bank’s CEO, the working plan of the Censors Committee for 2008, as well as the new bank’s By-Laws. The General Meeting approved as well the composition of the Board of Directors as well as the territorial expansion of the bank by opening new branches and representative offices.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit (Moldova) has been approved as the auditing company of the bank for 2008.

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