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Information on the results of the JSCB "Eximbank" activity for the first semester of 2003.
In the first semester of the year 2003, JSCB "Eximbank" has had a constant growth of all financial indicators. The bank's assets have increased with 57.3 mln MDL (21.0%) and have reached 329.5 million MDL. The liquid assets have increased with 13.7 mln MDL (16.8%), reaching 95.7 mln MDL.

During the reporting period the bank has granted credits in the total amount of 256.2 mln MDL. The bank credit portfolio has increased with 38 mln MDL (32.0%) up to 159,1 million MDL. The aggregate surplus of bank's attracted resources has increased with 46.7 mln MDL (27.8%) and reached the amount of 215.0 mln MDL, including the 40.1 mln MDL increase in deposits from individuals (49.9%), increase in the amount of 6.6 mln MDL in deposits from corporate clients (7.6%), weighting respectively 120,3 million MDL and 94.7 mln MDL by the end of the second quarter of 2003.

The bank's net profit has constituted 4.8 mln lei, Return on Assets (ROA) - 3.4 % and Return on Equity (ROE) - 13.7%.

At the present date the bank serves 12 800 customers, among which 3741 are corporate clients, and 9059 - individuals.

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