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On 27th of April the yearly General Shareholders Meeting of the JSCB "Eximbank" has taken place.
The meeting has approved the Report for 2000, as well as the Report on the implementation of the Business-plan. It was stated that in the reporting year the Bank has fulfilled the basic requirements of the business-plan. Among them is the successful fulfillment of the capitalization in respect to the NBM norms for maintaining the current license of type "B". The aggregate normative capital of the bank has increased during one year by 99.9% and has amounted 64.6 mln MDL. The increase of the capital has been possible mainly due to the supplementary investments of the shareholders in the Eximbank statutory Fund, performed during the year 2000. The overall amount of foreign investments in the bank in lei equivalent is 25 mln MDL. The financial consolidation of the bank has always been one of the Head points in its strategy. During the last years the Eximbank shareholders are constantly directing dividends for the increase of the Bank's capital. At the last shareholders meeting the same decision has been taken about the capitalization of the net profit, gained during the year 2000. Its weight, after deducting all obligations, was 5.9 mln MDL. The dividends for 2000 have accounted 14.7%. In the last year the currency balance of Eximbank has increased by 39% accounting 158.1 mln MDL. During the reporting year the bank has granted an amount of 168.1 mln MDL of credits, the credit portfolio increasing in the given year by 57.2% and reaching 69.2 mln MDL. The overall amount of investments in securities was 90.8 mln MDL. The common amount of money means of the clients' accounts has increased by 20.7%, reaching 89.3 mln lei by the end of the year. At the present date the bank serves 7600 customers, 2300 corporate clients and 5300 individuals.
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