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06.12.2004 Eximbank renewed its licenses for broker and dealer activities on the securities market.
    The National Securities Commission at its meeting on December 2, 2004 adopted a decision to provide to Eximbank licenses for broker and dealer activities on the securities market for another five years.

06.12.2004 Results of the Extraordinary Meeting of Eximbank shareholders.
   An Extraordinary Meeting of Eximbank shareholders was held on December 6, 2004. The purpose of the meeting was to approve the 7th issue of shares totaling 14,340,000 MDL for further development and capitalization of the Bank. After the issue of the shares the tier one capital of the Bank will be 97 million MDL and will exceed the minimum limit of capital as of June 30, 2005 established by the National Bank of Moldova for the banks holding license "B".

17.11.2004 Eximbank has been declared one of the two winners as a result of a broker company selection for sale through the Stock Exchange of securities sequestered by the State Tax Inspection.
    On November 12, 2004 an agreement was signed between Eximbank and the State Tax Inspection at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova on sale by the Bank on behalf of the State Tax Inspection of sequestered securities through the Stock Exchange. This decision of the State Tax Inspection followed the examination in September 2004 of the applications submitted by broker companies participating in the tender.
12.11.2004 JSCB "EXIMBANK" has signed a subsidiary loan agreement with the Credit Line Directorate of the Ministry of Finance of Moldova.
   The agreement envisages the intermediation of the bank in granting loans within the framework of the Rural Investment Services Project financed by the World Bank. Under this Project long-term loans (up to 15 years) with preferential interest rates are to be provided to companies and individual entrepreneurs conducting business in the rural areas.
11.11.2004 The General Annual Meeting of Shareholders of JSCB "EXIMBANK" took place on April 15, 2004.
   According to the decision of the shareholder, all net profit received by the bank in 2003

11.11.2004 An extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders will take place on December 6, 2004
   The forthcoming meeting has to approve the new structure of the Council and the Revision Committee as well as the plan of work of the Revision Committee for 2005.

01.11.2004 Results of the exhibitions "Moldagrotech", "Farmer" and "MoldEco"
   From October 27, through October 31, 2004 the JSCB "EXIMBANK" participated in international specialized exhibitions: 12th "Moldagrotech", 7th "Farmer", and 4th "MoldEco" that took place in the pavilions of "Moldexpo".

22.10.2004 "The most dynamically growing banking institution of the Republic of Moldova"
   JSCB "Eximbank" was declared by the independent experts of the economic newspaper "Logos-Press" the most dynamically growing banking institution of the Republic of Moldova on the basis of the results of activity during nine months of the year 2004.
15.10.2004 Eximbank offers a new time-deposit "Christmas"
   Customers, who open the time-deposit "Christmas" from 15 October till 15 December 2004, will take part in the drawing of money prizes. The Fist prize is 50 000 MDL.
29.09.2004 Eximbank will participate in granting loans to enterprises under the RISP project
   On September 29, 2004 Eximbank was selected as a result of additional selection among commercial banks for participation in the Rural Investments Services Project (RISP).

This project is financed by the World Bank and is intended for providing affordable loans to agricultural enterprises and farmers in rural areas.

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