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21.08.2006 Eximbank – the bank with the highest paid-up capital in the Republic of Moldova
   On Friday, August 18, 2006, Eximbank finalized the procedure of increasing of the paid-up capital following the registration of the modifications to the bank’s statute with the State Registration Chamber of the Ministry of Informational Development of the Republic of Moldova and the inclusion of the information on the 8th emission of shares in the registry of the shareholders. As a result, the bank’s authorized capital constitutes MDL 215.0 million, and Tier-One capital - more than MDL 255 million, which is much above the minimum level established by the National Bank of Moldova.

16.08.2006 To the attention of Eximbank clients. - New USD correspondent account with American Express Bank Ltd, New York, USA.
   On August 15, 2006 American Express Bank Ltd, New York, USA opened a USD correspondent account for JSCB “Eximbank” (member of Veneto Banca Group, Italy).

04.08.2006 Meeting of the leadership of the Republic of Moldova with Veneto Banca (the sole shareholder of Eximbank)
   On August 2, 2006 in Chisinau a meeting of the top management of Veneto Banca s.c.p.a. (Italy) with the President of the Republic of Moldova Mr. Vladimir Voronin was held. At the meeting Veneto Banca was represented by Messrs. Flavio Trinca - the President of the Administrative Council, Franco Antiga - the Vice-President of the Administrative Council, Vincenzo Consoli - General Director and Nicola Damiani - the reprezentative of Veneto Banca in the Republic of Moldova.

During the meeting the President of the Administrative Council of Veneto Banca Mr. Flavio Trinca made a short presentation of the activities of Veneto Banca both in Italy and abroad, focusing in particular on the perspectives and plans for development of the group in the Republic of Moldova.

28.06.2006 President of JSCB „Eximbank” Mr. Marcel Chirca took part in the Moldovan - Italian economic Forum.
   On June 26, 2006 The Ministry for Economy and Commerce of the Republic of Moldova together with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the International Exhibition Center “Moldexpo” organized an economic Moldovan - Italian Forum “Economic situation and the State policy in the area of entrepreneurship”.

22.06.2006 Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Eximbank.
   Today in the city of Montebelluna (province of Treviso, Italy) an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Eximbank was held, which adopted a decision to increase by 150 million lei (about 9 million Euros) the share capital of the bank and to apply to the National Bank of Moldova for the License for conducting financial activities of type “C” – the highest banking license in the country. The Meeting also approved the modifications to the By-Laws of the bank and the new composition of the Censors Committee.

13.06.2006 New ATMs installed in Chisinau.
   Starting June 9th, 2006 Eximbank put in service two new ATMs in Chisinau for providing services to cardholders, both own and foreign. One new ATM was installed at the entrance of administrative building of the State Agricultural University of Moldova on 44, Mircesti street. The second one is located on 7/1, Calea Mosilor, Centrul district, supermarket “Bomba”.

09.06.2006 The Board of Directors of the Joint Stock Commercial Bank convenes the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders.
   On June 7, 2006 at the request of the new shareholder of the bank – Veneto Banca - a meeting of the Board of Directors of Eximbank was held with participation of Mr. Marcel Chirca - the President of the bank. Mr. Chirca informed the members of the Board about the request of the shareholder to convene an extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders with the purpose to approve the increase of the share capital of the bank, approve the application for the banking License of type „C” which will allow the bank to conduct all banking operations existing on the financial market of the Republic of Moldova and to appoint new members of the Audit Committee of the bank.

25.05.2006 Eximbank has opened currency exchange office in Centru part of Chisinau.
   On May 23, 2006 a new currency exchange office begins its activity. The exchange office is located at 7/1, Calea Mosilor, in the new “BOMBA” shop.

23.05.2006 General Meeting of Shareholders of the JSCB “Eximbank”
   Yesterday, May 22, 2006 in the city of Montebelluna (province of Treviso, Italy) the General Meeting of Shareholders of the JSCB “Eximbank” was held. The Meeting examined the financial results of the Bank activity in 2005.

18.05.2006 To the attention of the Eximbank clients
   As per decision of Eximbank Management adopted on May 12, 2006 rent of safe deposit boxes to clients is temporarily suspended due to the depositary renovation. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and kindly ask our clients to empty the rented safe deposit boxes within 45 days.

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