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International operations
JSCB “EXIMBANK” offer a wide variety of international payment services:
  • Incoming cash means in favour of clients JSCB “EXIMBANK”;
  • International banks transfers by order of clients of JSCB “EXIMBANK” (SWIFT system); The internal rules of execution of payment orders in foreign currency
  • Payment by means of letters of credit:
  • Import Operations: From issuance letters of credit by order of clients or confirmation letters of credit to international banks transfers on this letters of credit;
  • Export Operations: From notification clients or corespondent banks about letters of credit issuing foreign banks in favour of clients JSCB “EXIMBANK”, taking up payments commercial documents to income transfers from foreign banks;
  • Guarantees;
  • Collection services;
  • Conversion operations:
  • The purchase or sale of foreign exchange for Moldavian lei (MDL) will rest on the dealer's exchange rate set on the day of transaction.;
  • The conversion of one freely convertible exchange into another will be effected on the dealer's cross-rate on the day of transaction.;
  • The bank shall convert foreign exchange for the customer on the same-day-settlement basis;
  • Operations with registered cheques

    Dear Clients,

    In order to comply to SWIFT standards and restrictions and, as well as, to the requirements of correspondent banks, we kindly ask you to indicate in the 70th field (Payment destination) of the payment orders in EUR no more than 140 symbols.

    Please be informed that the 72th field (Sender to Receiver information) is designed to the technical information “bank to bank” and cannot be used for other purposes.

    Payment orders which don't comply to these requirements won't be accepted to execution.

    For receiving a transfer from abroad

    The sender is required to specify the following bank essential elements:
    - in US dollars (USD);
    - in EURO (EUR);
    - in Russian Ruble (RUB);
    - in Romanian Leu (RON).
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