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- What exchange rate is applied for transactions with a banking card?

Answer: Banking card can be used nationally or abroad. The clearing takes place in the currency card account, no matter in what currency the transaction is made. In case the transaction currency is different than the currency card acount, the bank will debit the card account using reference currency USD, as follows: The exchange rate between transaction currency and USD is applied according to the rate for settlement banking date. More information about exchange rates can be found at Visa/MasterCard web pages.

- Can internet transactions be made with Eximbank’s Cirrus/Maestro and Visa Electron cards?

Answer: Yes. Cirrus/Maestro and Visa Electron cards issued by EXIMBANK can be used for online stoppings as well. The internet merchant will ask for CVV2 (for Visa cards)/ CVC2 code (for MasterCard cards), located on the back side of the card, nearby signature panel.

- In case of lost/stolen card, what should I do?

Answer: The answer is described in Rules for banking card usage, also checking card-account. More details on how to benefit of this service can be found here

- With my card in MDL currency can I make transactions abroad?

Answer: Cards issued by JSCB “EXIMBANK”, can be used nationally and abroad, whether the currency is MDL, USD, EUR.

- In how many days the card is issued?

Answer: JSCB “EXIMBANK” issues banking cards within 3 banking days, and for emergencies in 10 working hours, according to bank’s tariffs.

- Can I recieve money transfer from abroad on my card account?

Answer: Yes. Money transfers can be made only in the currency the card account is opened. In case the card account currency is different than money transfer currency, we kindly ask you to open a new card account in the money transfer currency you want to receive. For money transfer please use our banking requisites

- In case of secret word lost/absence what should I do?

Answer: : You should address to any bank’s branch where you will submit an application for secret word recovery/establishment, presenting your card and ID card.

- What fee is applied for retail transactions?

Answer: JSCB “EXIMBANK” does not apply any fee at retail transactions, whether the transactions are made in the bank’s POS terminals network or outside.

- Cards issued by EXIMBANK are accepted abroad?

Answer: All cards issued by EXIMBANK are accepted as payments for goods and services in the country and abroad – anywhere Visa and MasterCard logos are present. Using your card, you can make payments for goods and services to over 30 million merchants worldwide. A banking card eliminates the problem of converting the money from one currency to another; also it is more convenient and safe during travelling. Anytime you can withdraw cash using your banking card to over 1.8 million ATMs from 200 countries, whereas Visa and MasterCard logos appear.

- What types of transactions can be made with salary card?

Answer: Salary card have the same functions and area of use as any usual banking card.

- What should I do if I forgot my PIN code? Answer: To generate a new PIN code, the client s

hould submit a request to any bank’s branch, presenting the card and ID card, against a cost according to Tariffs in force.

- In what currency can I open a card account?

Answer: JSCB “EXIMBANK” issues banking cards in MDL, USD and EUR currencies, under the conditions stipulated within Tariffs in force.

- PayPal transactions with cards from EXIMBANK

Answer: With cards issued by EXIMBANK you can make secure transaction on PayPal web site (more details here).

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